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Small hoard of potions by DragonLoverTori
Small hoard of potions
Dartaok once had a job as a test subject for a group of apothecaries, it was during this job that he drank the potion that gave him immortality
Soulrin - ref sheet (remake) by DragonLoverTori
Soulrin - ref sheet (remake)
felt like bringing this character back from the grave o3o need to remake his story next   
Meeting the Empath by DragonLoverTori
Meeting the Empath
The drawing I made for today's livestream.
Just Empath and the Spirits who raised them, Nanook and Alula, meeting a human in their forest
Facing Your Fears by DragonLoverTori
Facing Your Fears
Just because you're terrified of something doesn't mean you can't face it.

A Kevlarion found it's way onto Velspire's ship and so they had to defend themselves
Tagged by :iconkokoro-sweetheart: 

1.Must post rules!
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves 
3. Answer 13 questions given to you and then come up with 13 of your own
4. Literally tag 13 people
5. You can't say you don't do tags
6. Tag backs are allowed
7. You must make a journal entry
8. Must be done in a week or you must listen to whatever the tagger says 
9. Be creative with the title!

Things about me:
1- I've been teaching myself how to draw since I was 3, animation since 2009
2- I'm 5' 4"
3- I can sing pretty well
4- I was on a swim team for a year and won a couple ribbons (only for being in the top 10 of a race but still)
5- I make the joke I was not built for land, I love the water
6- I used to live in Hillsboro Oregon and plan to go back to Oregon in the future, I love it so much
7- my set up for being on the computer is my laptop sitting on a tv tray at the couch
8- I can make the sound of a clown horn with my throat
9- I have slight arachnophobia (I think it mainly comes from the time a spider was climbing up my neck when I once was working on an animation >.< )
10- I am actually a christian but am not opposed to believing in things like otherkin, etc.
11- I want to make video games as my career
12- I've enjoyed video games since before I could even hold a controller, as a baby I just watched my cousin play until I could myself
13- I've always been a computer geek, doing stuff like installing games to my computer at the age of 3 (we also have a pic of me in my pj's at the computer at 3 in the afternoon eating Cheetos and drinking a diet coke)

Questions from :iconkokoro-sweetheart: :
1- Would you rather be poor and loved, or rich and alone?
    I'm comfortable where I am in the middle o3o but I might choose rich for a few reason s. One is that if I was rich I'd be able to buy what I want and need. As for the alone part, there's always making friends online who don't know I'm rich until I tell them.

2- What's your favorite food/snack?
    It honestly depends on what sounds good, but desserts are an always.

3- What's your favorite anime/tv show?
    Right now it's Steven Universe

4- What's your favorite video game?
    Spyro the Dragon or Pokemon I think since they were among my first video games. Though I could make a very long list of games I REALLY enjoyed (like Okami or KH)

5- What's your favorite song at the moment?
    The entire Hamilton soundtrack

6- What's your favorite thing to draw?
    My OCs o3o

7- How many pets do you have and what kind are they?
    I have a Jack Russel Terrier named Jackie (short for Jacklyn), I call her my baby and it's been agreed that she really is my dog based on her response to me compared to others. I really want some rats too, ferrets too.

8- What's your favorite activity?
    Video games or Drawing/animating

9- Do you have any hobbies? What are they?
    Same as my favorite activities o3o

10- Early bird or night owl?
    As long as the sun is up, I'm up. If I stay up late it's because I was really distracted by something like a drawing

11- Are you a fan of weaponry? (Guns or traditional [blades, staffs, etc.])
    I love scythes

12- What's your spirit animal?

    A shapeshifter with a connection to water (I mentioned I believed otherkin earlier and that's mine o3o)

13- What's your favorite color?
    purple, next ones are red and black

My Questions:
1- What is an obscure fact you know?
2- When did you start to make art?
3- What's your favorite animal?
4- Favorite video game character?
5- Favorite smell?
6- Favorite music genre?
7- How late do you usually stay up?
8- Height?
9- Favorite flower?
10- Favorite movie?
11- Favorite series?
12- Coffee or Tea?
13- Any secret hobbies?

Tags (tried to pick mutuals from here and other sites or folks I somehow know o3o) :
:iconkokoro-sweetheart: Lol


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